Hosting the Most Over-the-Top Birthday Bash


Paper Culture as seen in the Tony Awards Gala Bag and Cookie!

Paper Culture as seen in the Tony Awards Gala Bag and Cookie!

I just heard about Paper_Culture— check them out for a huge selection of eco-friendly birthday party and announcements.


Have you ever gone to THE BIRTHDAY PARTY? You know the one I mean. The one with all the bells and whistles and then some. The one where parents are slack-jawed at the sheer scale of the party.

Our family went to a party years ago when our kids were 5 and 3. The birthday girl was one of my daughter’s preschool friends. The girls were never in the same class, but my friend and I gravitated to each other at pickup/dropoff time. Bagels and coffee morphed in to lunch at McDonald’s which became lengthy playdates at each other’s houses. We saw less of each other once our oldest kids started school, but it was a great friendship for all of us. My friend moved away — but we have amde a date to have coffee and bagels when our youngest kids are in college.

The birthday party in question was two or three parties rolled in to one. The sheer enormousness of the party was truly astounding. My friend is a really great mom — she threw a wonderful celebration for her daughter that day. My kids had a blast.

The party was held at a drop-in play center. There was a playleader who led the kids in songs and dances. This portion of the party was followed by arts and crafts times — each child did at least 3-4 crafts. We still have the Princess lightswitch plate up in our house. After crafts it was a catered lunch with those chafing dish/warming trays filled with chicken nuggets and smiley face fries, as well as pasta dishes for the adults. My kids had never had smiley face fries before! All the parents stayed so it was a large group.

After the lunch two caricature artists showed up who created a personalized drawings of each child. My oldest was drawn as a cute princess. The youngest a bear. The carciatures are so good that I want to get one done of my son. Cake and ice cream followed. My ususally no nap kids were zonked out on the way home after all the excitement of the “best birthday ever” per my daughter. 

If my friend reads this I hope she is not offended. We truly had a great time that day!

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