Help! I’m Stuck in Tax Prep Hell!

It’s 2:08 a.m. Why am I still up?? Why did I not listen to my husband? Why did I not give him my mileage, expenses, and payment information last week or even a month ago. Now I am trapped looking for receipts I thought I had. My husband is not happy with my procrastination. April 14th IS the lateswt we have ever filed.

The mileage is done. The PayPal is done. The expenses are calculated. The receipts are in the stack. My husband and have argued and bantered about what is and what is not a legal expense. Picky picky, but he’s our family tax preparer so his word is gold.

Next year I will have a more refined system. I started an Excel spreadsheet of reviews and giveaways. I will keep track of all the garments and toys I donate each month. Apparently with H&R Block At Home, I can document the type, condition, and estimated price of each item I bag up for Purple Hearts and AmVets. Good news for my husband!

Updated at 12:55 p.m. The taxes are filed. I repeat the taxes are filed electronically. The state taxes are sitting in the mailbox. My husband is relieved. He was pleasantly surprised at my contributions this year — not earth-shattering but a hope for good things to come.

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