Grocery Savings: The Skinny on #safewayj4u



Couponers and noncouponers alike will want to learn more about a new way to save. What is Just for U? Safeway just introduced Just for U — a new online service for saving on groceries through coupons, deals, and discounts.

  • 5000-6000 deals per week at Safeway.
  • Adapting deals to the Safeway consumer.
  • Personalizing deals for each consumer.
  • Have used Safeway Club Cards for 15 years.
  • Weekly ad will not go away. Some prefer the weekly circular. Others prefer a mobile app.
  • Customers like to be able to customize the deals for them.

Coupons? Are You a Couponer?

You can stack two coupons together, like a $1 off coupon and a price point deal. But you can’t stack two personalized price point deals. In other words, you can’t use TWO price point deals. $ off coupon and $ off coupon can stack.

No doubling and tripling on digital coupons. If you load a digital coupon and go to the register, you can use the digital coupon, but you can’t use the paper coupon. You will always be getting the best deal.

Paper coupon. Digital coupon. BOGO. You name it.

Personalized deals are based on purchase history. Deals are money off or free.

  • Specials. Digital deals. Personalized deals. Will only find personalized deals at Safeway.
  • 30 million unique offers in any given week at Safeway.
  • Targeted offers based on purchase behaviors.

Your Club Card is linked to your phone number. If you changed your phone number, your deals will reflect who is using your card. If you see cat food and you don’t have a cat, someone else is using your card. The Safeway deals are adapted for you. You want to keep your deals. Gas deals. Sandwich deals. Free item deals.

If you want to update your phone number on your card, you will to call the call center or update on the Safeway site.

Home delivery service at some locations. Go to to check on availability. If you registered for home grocery delivery with one email address, you will need to log in to Safeway Just for U with the same email address.

Personalized Deals

  • Price point offers
  • Unlimited
  • Some one-time use offers
  • Deals are based on what you have purchased at Safeway in the past
  • Safeway rewards you for shopping more
  • 35-40 personalized deals per person

Coupon Center

Most digital coupons are one-time use coupons. Manufacturer coupons are dollars off. Can stack.

Partnered with all the large coupon sites so that you don’t have to visit all those coupon sites. You will no longer be able to add coupons to Safeway Just for U.

Puling coupons from SellFyre, esaver, — the major coupon sites. All other coupons sites use coupons from these sites.

National and local coupons are part of the Coupon Center. You can still get printable coupons…Go to Our Store, Print coupons. All coupons are on the card.

Your Club Special

You can see what is on sale. Add it to your card. You can save a lot of money. These deals are the hottest price point in the market.

Some deals will be regional. Not available nationwide. The platform is all about personalization.

Mobile app v. Online site

Available on iPhone and Android. Windows phone app coming soon. Can use for iPad.

App has weekly ad, Coupon Center, Personalized Deals, BUT does not have Your Club Specials. If you are a power user of Your Club Specials, if will not be on your app. PRINT out your list at home.

Safeway wants this app to be the best shopping list app out there. Want to be top grocery tool.

Two new features to come…

  • Shop by aisle.
  • Barcode scanning.

Log in/Password

Once you log in to the app, you are always signed in. On the website, you need to log in each time or set it to remember you.

Safeway will not sell your information.

You can filter out categories that you no longer use.

You can sync the list between TWO iPhones. Great for shopping with kids. Or shopping with your spouse.

You can real time add products to the list in the store. Items will be added to your list as you shop. Your husband could add deals at home, while you are shopping at the store.

Please excuse the choppiness of this post, I wrote it while at the Safeway Just for U launch in Bowie, MD. I was given a gift card as compensation for my time. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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