A Shout Out to Sponsors of Howard County Lacrosse Program

My son finished up his 3rd season of recreational lacrosse. His team party is coming up. He just attended the second of two lacrosse clinics. The first one was at the beginning of the season where he practiced drills with the league’s coaches. The second event was LaxFest. At LaxFest he participated in throwing drills and enjoyed a complimentary lunch.

During the season, he learned a lot. He enjoyed playing the game. He found out that though he loves being goalie, he is great at the shootout. He grabbed any chance to hustle for the ball.While last season he was timid, this season he was right there in the middle of the pack practically diving for the ball.

I received this note from the organizers of the Howard County Lacrosse Program after the season ended.

The Howard County Lacrosse Program relies on sponsorships from local and regional businesses to assist us in providing the quality lacrosse program that Howard County residents have come to expect. We use these funds to defray the costs of uniforms and other program needs.

Howard County Lacrosse Program would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support of the program in 2012:

Please remember to thank the sponsors for their support and consider them with any future needs for goods and/or services.

Please also check www.hclacrosse.com on a regular basis for upcoming news and events, as well as COBRA and HC Lax registration dates.

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