Green Mom?

I’m not a green mom. I don’t compost. I don’t sew all our clothes. I don’t grow fruit and vegetables. But, I am striving to be a green mom…

I do care about the environment. For your information, these are my top Green┬áliving tips. Here’s what I do to help the environment:

– I am a fanatic about recycling. I rinse out all bottles, cans, before placing in recycling bin. I recycle all paper — newspapers, school papers, magazines, and junk mail.

– I buy food products (fruit, veg, meat) that are fresh to reduce the amount of paper I recycle, I still buy boxes containing food, but try to buy fresh.

– I park in a space far away from the store and walk to the store. This is something that is more of a help to me than the environment, but a healthier me is a healthier person on the planet.

– I use the stairs whenever I can.

– I have accumulated a collection of cloth shopping bags. I have two sets of bags: one in the car and one hanging in the family room. Aside from groceries, I am using the cloth bags as an alternative to plastic bags, by using to hold swimming and volleyball gear, etc.

Leave comment letting me know what you do to be a Green Mom. I would love to0 hear from you.

I was not paid to write this post, but I did win a gift card at the end of the blog posting tour.

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