Gift Guide: Gorging on Movie Popcorn & Ant-Man Due November 17 #antman #familymovienight

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Can we have a moment of silence? There’s a deceased appliance in my home. Sniff! I lost a handy dandy trusty rusty kitchen appliance last month. My Hot Air Popcorn Popper is dead. There’s no possibility of emergency intervention. The Hot Air Popcorn Popper flatlined. I’ve used it less than 10 times in 3 years. Those hot air popcorn poppers are not built to last. RIP Hot Air Popcorn Popper.

Without a Hot Air Popcorn Popper, my family cannot satisfy its cravings for popcorn. I ran out of Microwave Popcorn, too. When my son was a Cub/Boy Scout, I always had a stash of Microwave Popcorn in the pantry. With my Hot Air Popcorn Popper out of commission and my stash of Microwave Popcorn depleted, we are in popcorn withdrawal.

My family needs popcorn. STAT! We must have popcorn! There’s no other choice. A trip to the grocery store is a must for popcorn for Family Movie Night. Or we need to go to the movies for Family Movie Night for our popcorn fix!

A Night at the Movies

Movie popcorn is addictive for sure! I can usually avoid eating it if I get another snack because once I start eating I cannot stop. We buy the “drum” size and practically need a handcart to get it to our seats but it feeds my husband and 2 of the kids when we see a movie. I prefer pretzel bites. One of the kids will only eat candy.

I can almost taste the buttery, salty Movie Popcorn. In the meantime, there are several movies coming out on Bluray, DVD, On Demand, and Disney Movies Anywhere just in time for Family Movie Night!

Family Movie Night with the Family

  • Tomorrowland is now out of  Bluray Combo Pack, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere. Here’s my review of Tomorrowland.
  • Inside Out is now out on on Bluray 3D, Bluray Combo Pack, and Disney Movies Anywhere.
  • Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron is now out on Bluray Combo Pack, Blurya, DVD, Digital SD, On Demand, and Disney Movies Anywhere.
  • Cinderella is out on Bluray, Disney Movies Anywhere, and Digital HD.
  • Aladdin: Diamond Edition is out on Bluray, DVD, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere.
  • COMING SOON: Marvel Ant-Man is due out on Digital 3D, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere November 17, 2015. Marvel Ant-Man will be released on 3D Bluray Combo Pack, Bluray, DVD, Digital SD, and On Demand on December 8, 2015.

Family Movie Night for the Little Ones

Want to know what the next Marvel movie is? I wrote a handy dandy trusty rusty timeline of Marvel movie releases through 2019!

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