Getting to Know Me: Part 1

For those new to Musings from Me….

How did I start blogging anyway?

I started two blogs in January 08. I was required to respond to graphic design elements, artistic style, and ads for a graphic design and writing graduate class on one of the blogs. While I was commenting on graphic design elements for the class, I started a second blog as a family journal. I added entries now and again.

In September 08, I started writing blogposts again. After 12 years at home, 6 as a WAHM and 6 as a SAHM, I was faced with the “what do I do now?” question. I did not want to go back to editing and managing the production cycle for health care publications. But, what would I do?

Blogging! The blog gave me a chance to flex my writing skills. I found that I enjoyed posting every day on my blog, and commenting on other blogs. I noticed that other blogs had buttons for networks, writing sites, Facebook, and twitter.

Social Media 101

Clicking on the twitter button was breathtaking. I don’t mean to sound overly melodramatic, but after floundering a little in my quiet house the “noise” from twitter was a welcome break. I had found my people. People to talk to each day. Bye bye quiet. Hello new world!

From twitter I learned everything about social media.

I learned about giveaways. Posting your most succinct and to-the-point message in 140 characters or less. Twitter is the best place for a beginning writer with a tendency not to get to the point to figure out what to write. I clicked on links: some were good and some deadends. I learned to find the golden nuggets while sifting through the spam.

Getting serious about blogging

Midway through 09, my blog acquired its own domain name and a snazzy new WordPress theme. My blogging journey continues on…

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