Getting to Know Me: Part 2

So, Musings from Me, what do you blog about on this here bloggy thing?

My blog title gives an overview of what I write about — Musings from Me on Kids, Preteens, and Teens. I have a Kid (7), a Preteen (11), and a Teen (14). I muse about our lives: school, sports, family game and movie night, travel, and eating dinner as a family.

I blog about causes I am passionate about. As the mom of a kid, a preteen, and a teen who spend time online to varying degrees, online safety, cyber bullying, and cell phone safety are topics that interest me.

Since I started blogging when my older two were 11 and 9, I have had to be cautious about what I write about. I have no humorous stories of pee, poop, or barf to write about. The toddler years are a blogging goldmine for most bloggers! My daughters read my blog, so I would not them to read anything that would (a) embarrass them and, most importantly, (b) identify them.

I do not write about the specifics of my girls’ lives: their school, names of their sports teams, classes, teachers, grades, friends’ names, etc. I also can’t write about the details of their lives. Their lives are not my story to tell.

I do incorporate anecdotes about my children and husband in to review posts. I have found that I can tell a story about our family’s experience that is rich in detail but does not compromise the safety and privacy of my children.

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