Getting It Done: A Day in the Office

Familiar view: My dashboard

I’m in and out and in again and then out again for a few and then home again. My neighbors must think I run a delivery service or something. My minivan is in a constant state of motion during the day and evening, which is weird since I work from home.

Working from home is both a blessing and a curse. I love being home. I don’t miss a daily commute. Certainly don’t want to drive on Washington or Baltimore highways any more than absolutely necessary. But, there are drawbacks.

I’m always home. Theoretically I have time to work, but my house is always calling me. There’s always a sink of dishes to wash or more likely ignore. A load of laundry that absolutely needs to be done. A dinner that needs to be prepared or at least thought about. I’m not the best cook in the world, but on busy nights I rely on the trusty-not-so-rusty, handy dandy crockpot to get me through the dinner time hour.

Housework, cleaning, laundry, cooking, sifting/sorting/storing unidentified piles of stuff. But, then there is work. I have clien5ts. I have posts I need to write. I have emails I must answer. On a good day, I’m home from 8 to 3 with few interruptions. On a bad day, I’m home from 8-10, then out from 1o-1, and then home again before going out again.

I prefer the good days of working from home when I’m ACTUALLY home. But, the bad days are a more likely occurrence.

Until the summer. Summer our daily schedule changes. We go from hectic, running around at breakneck speed to a slighter less frantic pace. We’re still busy, but we have more days where we have a reasonably empty calendar. And my husband is home!

He’s a school administrator so when he is home he becomes “Me.” I like being me, don’t get me wrong. He does all the driving, which is a huge plus for me. I’m getting such a lot of work done. It’s awesome. Of course, I’ll be very sad when he goes back to work. Oh well, I’m savoring the time to work uninterrupted.


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