Getting Back in the Saddle

But, Mommy the sun is in our eyes!

But, Mommy the sun is in our eyes!

“Are you just now trying to find a job back in the workforce after spending several years home with the children?” — question posed to me by national women’s magazine 

The above category is me. I had my first child in 1996. From 96 through 2002 I was a freelance production editor for a health care publisher — the term WAHM had not been invented yet! Some weeks I was full time, other weeks part time. Publishing work is schedule driven so I had weeks where I was heavily in to galleys/page proofs and other weeks where I had little to do.

After freelancing with a preschooler and a kindergartener I was exhausted. My husband was a full-time teacher, part-time coach, and part-time graduate student. After he graduated with his PhD in English Education, I broached the subject of becoming a SAHM and having a third child. After some persuasion, he agreed with me.

I stayed home from 2002 through 2008. My youngest started kindergarten in Fall 2008. It’s time for me to go back to work, but what job will I find?

My dilemma — 

1. Part-time work is hard to find in my semirural area (western Howard County, MD).  

2. Full-time work would be difficult as I have a teen, a preteen, and a kid who all need some type of supervision after school.

3. All 3 children have after school activities every night. How would I deal with working, a commute, and getting dinner/homework/kids to activities?

I started writing this blog. I also write for 2 websites ( and All 3 assignments are unpaid, but fun. I review products and hosts giveaways — also unpaid. Need to find a job, but finding the search difficult.

What is your job status? WAHM? SAHM? Work outside home mom? Working with no kids?

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