Getting Away

A few years ago I was desperate. In desperate need of time to myself. Time with adults. Time alone. Just time.

Two years have gone by since those needy times. I now have time. Time to myself during the day when the children go to school. Time to myself — not as much as I would like as my teen likes to stay up — in the evenings. Even time to myself as I wait for kids at activities.

What has not changed is my need for time with friends. Even in the times of infants, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers clamoring for my attention, I ALWAYS made time for friends. I joined a Book Club with the moms of my kindergarten daughter’s friends. I struggled to get to the monthly get-togethers while pregnant and caring for babies and toddlers, but it was SO worth it. I made it a priority to go to the neighborhood monthly scrapbooking get-togethers.

My husband may groan and complain about the times I am out with friends — blogging or local or old work friends — but he understands that I need that time with other women friends. I need to chat…bond…vent…whine…be there for other people.

Momzshare Bloggers Receive Check from Bit Defenders on behalf of Team WhyMommy Race for the CureSaturday night was an opportunity to spend some much-needed quality time with blogging moms at #Momzshare. Truthfully I was tired from a busy day of lacrosse games, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and ferrying kids to friends’ house. I could have parked myself on the couch for movie night with the family. But, I didn’t.

Once I arrived at The Little Gym in Silver Spring I knew that I was with my people. People who do what I do. Women who I can instantly bond with. Good times.

Saturday night was the second Momzshare event. I reconnected with old friends met this past year or so at blogging events, at conferences, and through twitter and Facebook. I met a few new people. I could have networked more. I should have told more people about DC CityMommy. I had a ton of cards in my purse. My tiredness got the best of me. But, you know what? It was good to have a “night off” with good friends even if blogging is my “work.” You know what I mean?

Are you a local DC – MD – VA blogger? Go here to find out more about Momzshare?

I was given a swag bag by one of the sponsors — Bit Defenders. I had a taste of two delicious soups from SouperGirl!

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