Fun Event on the Horizon

Tuesday was a mad rush from double orthodontic appointments necessitating a pickup and dropoff at school to a stop of at the hair salon for a waxing to a multitude of phone calls and work projects. I was ready for bed by 4 p.m. Only…ahem…my family still needed me. Aww you say? Well, more like kids and husband were expecting dinner and the teen needed to get to her enrichment fair at school. I had a reason to not dive under the covers, too.

My reunion! I worked for a company that had two moods: (1) high-intensity, panic, stress through the roof, and deadlines! and (2) “party like it’s 1999.” The company — Aspen Publishers was a leader in the health care publications field — was known for its parties….Halloween was not complete without a parade, party, and yes, one group of Sales guys dressed as the Spice Girls…Redskins winning the Super Bowl was celebrated with a cake in the shape of a Redskins helmet…St. Patrick’s Day??? you had better believe we had green bagels of course and my manager danced an Irish jig.

Our reunion committee convened Tuesday night to plan the reunion. It was like I stepped back in time. The host I see all the time, but the others I had not seen since I handed in my last project — was it a book? manual? journal? or newsletter?

Good night with old friends with a fun event on the horizon.

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