Finding My Niche

I suffer from what I call the “rambling, stream of consciousness elevator” pitch.

Before BlogHer I worked on my pitch. I posted about my struggle to come up with a good pitch over at MomSpark Forum. I got a few good suggestions. I added. I deleted. I rephrased. My pitch still sounded vague and wishy washy.

If I had to describe myself before BlogHer…it would be writes about her “kid, preteen, and teen, but doesn’t write much about the two older ones who can read her blog, so must rely on past adventures when her kids were younger and more blog worthy…oh and does product reviews.”

In one of the two sessions (two sessions! My poor attendance at the conference sessions will have to be part of another post.) I attended, I heard speakers answer questions on how to make money from a blog. One speaker mentioned “niche” blogging. What is my niche, anyway?

I returned from BlogHer yesterday to a revelation of sorts. After giving my spiel for the umpteenth time to new friends, old friends, PR, and brand people in the expo hall, I realize that I might have a niche of sorts.

I focus a portion of my posts on my struggles to find activities enjoyable for a family with kids with a wide-range of ages. It’s hard to find a movie that a 7-, 11-, and 14-year-old want to see.  This might be my niche.

What’s your niche?

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