Down with Uncomfortable Jeans! [Review]

If you have met me in person, you will either see me wearing my “work-at-home-mom” clothes of t-shirts, shorts, capris, sneakers, flip flops, and the occasional sweatshirt OR my “at-an-event-conference-or-party” clothes of blouses, pants, skirts, jacket, and the occasional dress. But, jeans…I rarely wear jeans. I’m not exactly sure why.

In my college days I lived in Levis and Guess jeans. I have struggled in to more than one pair of drain pipe jeans in my day. But, at some point jeans became quite uncomfortable in my life with kids. Who wants to crawl around on the floor with a toddler while the rivets of your jeans dig in to you? Not me that is for sure. Also, have you ever tried to slide a cell phone in the pocket of your jeans only to wonder if your phone might break in two when you sit down in those oh-so-tight jeans? Yep, me too.

I’m test driving a pair of jeans right now. I’ve sat in them. Walked in them. Stretched. Bent over. Shoved my hands in the pockets. And I have to say that this pair of jeans is quite the most comfortable pair of jeans I have worn in some time. Perhaps I will add these jeans to my “work-at-home” or “conference” wardrobe. With the right top and shoes these jeans would work for both of my lifestyles.

The jeans I am test driving are dENiZEN America Jeans. dENiZEN America Jeans are for moms, dads, boys, girls, grandmas, and in fact everyone you can think of. And the jeans are from renowned jeans maker Levi Strauss & Co. Who hasn’t worn a pair of Levi’s at some point in their life? I’m excited to be back in a pair of Levi’s after so many years.

dENiZEN America Jeans are available in Target. The jeans are very affordable with prices ranging from $17.99 to $29.99. With prices like this, I know I could afford to buy a second pair.

I like the fact that dENiZEN America Jeans are available for everyone in the family. You could fit the whole family for back-to-school in the same shopping trip to Target. dENiZEN America Jeans feature premium craftsmanship and on-trend styles for the entire family.

  • Women’s: Sizes range from 2-18 with fits including Mid Rise Boot Cut, Mid Rise Straight, Totally Shaping Mid Rise Boot Cut and Totally Shaping at Waist Boot Cut. I got the Waist Boot Cut jeans.
  • Men’s: Sizes range from 29″-42″ W and 30″-34″ L with fits including Regular, Relaxed, Straight, Loose, Low Boot, Slim Straight and Skinny.
  • Girls’: Sizes range from 4-20 with fits including Super Skinny, Skinny and Slim Boot.
  • Boys’: Sizes range from 4-20 with fits including Loose, Straight, Slim Straight and Skinny.

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I was provided with a pair of dENiZEN America jeans to facilitate my review by Team Mom. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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