Dog Days of Summer Revisited

A gaggle of Maryland tweeps at Wheaton Regional Park--Summer '09.

A gaggle of Maryland tweeps at Wheaton Regional Park--Summer '09.

Summer is but a distant memory. Had to scrape about a 1/2 foot of snow of my van a week or so ago. Drove around a corner just as the snow on my roof slid off. Dreading the next time the driveway freezes. Thank you driveway that gets very little sun and ends up like a sheet of glass.

This summer we did our usual…swim team, lounging around, volleyball camps, reading books, and a trip to England, but we also had a few get-togethers with people.

The school year is busy for us, so we don’t entertain very often. In summer we spend time with family, some friends, and for the first time my kids got to meet my blogging friends. Talk about worlds colliding.

The train at Wheaton Reginonal Park.

The train at Wheaton Reginonal Park.

I spend time talking about stranger danger and internet safety issues with the older girls. With my son, I keep to the point “Don’t go with strangers!” My oldest has asked why I can “friend” someone I have not met on twitter or Facebook. I tell my daughter that it is complicated. Basically, as an adult I know who I think will be safe to friend. I don’t want my preteen or teen to have to make those decisions.

Speaking of friending people… I was pleased to get an evite to a Subway Fresh Fit for Kids party at a local park hosted by Amy. We had not visited Wheaton Regional Park in over 11 years.

DSCN107311 years ago my friend from New York was visiting with her boys. Mia, my friend from Virginia, joined us with her daughter. I think Debbie was there with her son(?), but I’m not sure. Was Dori there? The day was a hard one for me. I was 8 months pregnant, hobbling about, AND it was 100 degrees out. Thank goodness, my husband was there to wrangle our 2-year–old.

When I got the evite I was anxious to go back since my 11-year-old and 6-year-old had never been to this park. I was also excited to see JanineTeachmama, BanBlueberry, and Shannon — who came to the event from Delaware!  Great day, great food, great company!

Delicious Subway subs, cool drinks, and good friends — what more could you want on a summer day? Tune in here for information for grownups and fun games for the kids from Subway.

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