Did You Ever Have Farrah Hair?

You’ve got to check out the JuiceBoxJungle widget on my sidebar and click if you’ve ever feathered your hair (who hasn’t?!?!). Now is the perfect time to honor Farrah and help us tally up the true magnitude of her hair-legacy, and it only takes (literally) a second. Click to register your voice and to find out how many of your Facebook friends have ALSO feathered in the past!

Confession: I never had the Farrah hair. No, not me. I never had faddish hair! You wouldn’t catch me having my hair cut like say Dorothy Hamill. No, not me! What? You never had a haircut like a TV star? Come now admit it. It’s painful to me, but…I not only had the Dorothy Hamill haircut….I also had a haircut like “Julie from The Love Boat.” Folks…this is an embarassing admission. I was in England at the time, so the hair stylist was all “What are you talking about???” So, there you have it two confessions in one! Now click on the widget and let JuiceBoxJungle know if you had a Farrah do!

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