Del Monte Fruit Chillers: Review

del-monte-fruit-chillersOn a hot summer day, nothing hits the spot more than something cold and refreshing. I find ice pops to be too sugary and sickly for the most part. You know the ones I mean…the ones with 50 pops that you place in the freezer. Kids love ’em, but I find them lacking in the tasty department.

When the Del Monte Fruit Chillers Freeze & Eat Tubes arrived my teen insisted that she place them in the freezer RIGHT NOW! Nothing and on one would deter her. It’s generally not a good idea to get between a teen and food. Just sayin’.

The very next day my teen sampled the Strawberry Snow Storm. A day later I saw her slurping a Grape Berry Blizzard. Her review was a resounding YES!

I asked her what she liked. I should note that my teen does not have a sweet tooth. She can get a huge bag of Halloween candy and eat a piece or two, then leave the rest of the candy. Seriously wonder if this kid is mine!

She loved the fruity taste and the texture of the DelMonte Fruit Chillers Freeze & Eat Tubes. Thumbs up from the teen!

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