Decluttering 101

In response to @1momof5‘s post over at Mom It Forward, I left this comment, which I added to.

I have a large basement storage room…too big, really. I reorganized the storage room by moving items I never use but can’t bare to part with or want to keep for grandkids/my children to the back of the storage room. I now have a large area in the storage room to store overflow items from every room in the house.

I recently moved a couple of vacuum cleaners, paint cans, old clothes, toys no longer played with, and a host of other items to the now-clear-of-stuff area in the storage room. Lest you think I am a complete and utter packrat I do have 8 garbage bags of stuff and a couple of ancient computers in the garage ready for AmVets/Purple Heart. Baby steps!

I have a project brewing where I plan to move the family room furniture to the kids’ playroom. We will get a sectional for the family room. No decision has been made yet, but I am mulling over the different furniture options. The present family room furniture has not worn well over the last 7 years. The playroom has no furniture except beanbag chairs and folding chairs not designed for adults.

I want to make the playroom more tween and teen friendly. I plan to move all the toys including a doll house, stable, and the ESPN Zone basketball net to the end of the playroom that you don’t see when you walk in to the room. When my girls have friends over the kids have to find space among the toys to sit down.

I have removed a large number of toys from the playroom, which are now stored in the storage room. The storage room is very large — almost half the size of the basement with the playroom taking up almost all of the rest of the basement. My office and the laundry room make up the rest of the basement floorplan. When we finished the basement we made the storage room larger as it was cheaper than making the living area of the basement larger. We had my FIL do the work on the basement, while we purchased most of the drywall, ceiling, and paint.

Even finishing the basement ourselves was pricey. Why are home projects so expensive? I wish that we had had the money back in 1999/2000 to make the playroom larger/laundry room and office bigger, too.

What is your household renovation plan?

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