December 25 — Am I Ready???

I’m stressed. I’m tense. I have a ton of work to do. I have not wrapped a single gift. I have 2-3 packages still to arrive. I’m trying not to get panicked about this fact. I’m borderline snippish with family — kids — husband.

It can only mean that it is the eve of a holiday. Or a vacation — not that we are going anywhere, but I prepare for both events in the same frenetic, frantic way. I speed forward going at an astonishing rate to get everything done only to end up exhausted, cranky, and discombobulated once the holiday/vacation starts.

So, tomorrow will see me with three kids home due to yet another snow day…a husband at work and not due back til late…Christmas cards to write, stamp, and mail…packages to track…gifts to wrap…giveaways to post…followup e-mails to write…and alcohol to be drunk.

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