Day One Musings from Me Trip to Southern California: #BlogHer11 and @SeaWorld

As a mom in blogging, I review toys, games, DVDs, hotels, food, amusement parks, and if-you-name-it-I-have-probably reviewed it. I get packages delivered 2 to 3 times a week. You can bet that the kids stampede to any package delivered to this house. You have never seen such disappointed faces when I have to tell them that the big box is full of printer paper. What?!? Where’s the DS game?

Suffice it to say that I couldn’t do my mom blogging reviewer of all things wonderful without my children…and my husband. I want to capture what we loved and did not love about a product. But, I can’t do it alone. Who better to review a toy than one of my children? And for an amusement park I definitely couldn’t do my review half so well without my children…and of course my husband.

Over the summer we left the comfort of our home to go on an adventure. In typical Musings from Me Family fashion the trip came together at the last minute. What started as a business trip for me to BlogHer morphed in to a trip for all of us to San Diego and Los Angeles. I can tell you I was excited. In fact, I was probably even more excited about going to So. Cal. than for any other trip we have taken as a family with the only exception — the trip to England 2 summers ago.

I had only been in California once…as a little kid. In fact, I celebrated my 6th birthday on the plane to San Francisco with a birthday cake. It was 1971 so an air hostess probably lit a candle on the cake. Once in San Francisco we visited English friends of my parents. I recall nothing about the trip except the birthday cake.

Our trip needed to include my time in San Diego as a blogger at BlogHer and my husband and kids in San Diego while I was at Blogher and fun places for us to visit as a family after BlogHer. But, how to accommodate all five of us…our needs…my work schedule. Sounds like an impossible task doesn’t it? Well, it took some work, but we made it work.

After an uneventful flight from BWI to San Diego on the first Wednesday in August, 2011, we were ready for fun in the sun. In fact, our flying experience was so much more relaxing than the last time when we flew to Orlando. Late leaving the house. Late getting to the airport. Security took forever. We didn’t even have time to eat before boarding the flight. Sitting at BWI before flying to San Diego with time to spare for dinner and browsing the shops was so relaxing.

On our first day in sunny San Diego as I rushed around the hotel room, while my husband and kids slumbered. Around 9 a.m. he left the San Diego Marriott & Marina Hotel en route to Sea World. I kinda had mixed feelings about missing Sea World. On the one hand my son and I explored every inch of Sea World in Orlando, but on the other hand I hate to miss out on family time. That first day of vacation/business trip day turned out to be the best of both worlds. I met up with many friends old and new at the pre-BlogHer Procter & Gamble Life Well Lived day of events, while my husband, the kid, the preteen, and the teen had even more fun at Sea World. Family time is all about making it work.

The Kid. the Preteen, and the Teen waiting for the bus to Sea World.
Why yes you do get wet…soaking wet…in the Splash Zone at Sea World. Be warned. Oh and the green camera bit the dust. I have no idea why I didn’t send my waterproof video camera with them.
We were given two complimentary passes for Sea World and two passes at 50% off. Many thanks to Sea World for giving my husband and kids a fun day at Sea World San Diego. All views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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