Day 5 and I blew it

Day 5 and I have not blogged in two days. So much for blogging every day religiously. Well, I guess that is my pattern with anything involving consistency.

So we finished (and by we I mean the three children, but I feel involved with their schooling to the extent that it seems like a group effort) the first week of January intact. My grad. school doesn’t start until February 2nd. I am excited yet apprehensive as I still need to work on Indesign and haven’t seemed to make any time for it since finishing the fall semester.

Speaking of grad. school. I checked my grades. I am not happy witht he rhetoric class. I worked hard in that class and got a B. I was expecting at least a B+. It was not to B, I guess. The graphics class was an A-, which I was happy with considering I started so disasterously.

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