Day 2, January 2, Second Day of Blogging

Well this is a good start. Day 2, January 2, second day of blogging and here I am.

Today the girls went back to school. Our morning routine went well. Actuall, it was the same as the last day of school before Christmas break. The only exception is that James slept in until 9 a.m.! This is unheard of in our house with this 4-year-old boy. He must have been very tired. Too many late nights. Too much junk food. He needs his routine while his sisters–11 going on 12, and just turned 9 can get by with less sleep.

I let James watch his TV “Sesame Street” and “Dragon Tales” while I messed about on the computer. Did not do anything productive like learning my Indesign program, but it was relaxing at least.

By 11:15 we were dressed and ready to go to The Little Gym for his makeup class, unfortunately there was no signed up for the class so the class was cancelled. James was a little disappointed. Off to our next scheduled stop on our itinerary…dropoff/pickup shirts from Safeway. Followed by a major shop a WalMart. James was a trooper at WalMart. I let him hang on the cart as I pushed…this is highly unusual and he was thrilled. I got some Christmas presents for teachers…I said I would not do this agin, but I could not resist 75 percent off. We are set for end-of-the-year teachers gifts and Christmas gifts…woohoo! [Editor’s note: I’d like to say that my life will get more interesting, but the reality is that the life of a stay-at-home mom with a 4-year-old and two school-aged girls is not that exciting. I actually kind of like it that way. The predictability is better than chaos.]

Back to our regularly scheduled day… Home for lunch…11 going on 12 comes home by bus…seems resigned to being back at school…she apparently had great fun at lunch…not sure about her classes…then just turned 9 came home…immediately got stuck in to her homework…this medication is a God-send for her…helps her focus…complete projects.

Life was so calm tonight I actually cooked dinner from scratch…O.K. I should clarify that by “scratch” I mean the carrots came from a can, the mashed potatoes were from a bag, the apple sauce was from a jar, and the pork roast was from Costco. But for this SAHM that’s as close to cooking from scratch as I get.

One of my N.Y. resolutions…well, perhaps I should list them here so that I have a sense of accountability…is to cook more instead of eating out or ordering in:

Mom on the Run’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2008–in no particular order:

1. Keep kitchen table clear of clutter and by clutter I mean my papers, magazines.

2. Cook meals each night with fruit and vegetables included.

3. Clear table and dishes after dinner instead of waiting until morning and feeling behind before the day has begun.

4. Keep bathrooms and kitchen clean and tidy instead of waiting until I have to scrape soap off shower walls.

5. When grad school starts keep up with assignments and projects.

6. If I have to make a phone call, make it that day instead of waiting until the next day.

7. Keep up with the habit of spending time with the girls. Leave the boy home with Dad.

8. Plan a summer trip for our family of 5…this is imperative.

I know I have more things to add, but I am already feeling overwhelmed so I will stop here.

Bedtime went well. The boy did not scream or carry on. I think he likes his regular routine.

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