Cross Posting or The Other Places I Write about Preteens

I know that I don’t cross post my writing enough. I post each post I write on this blog on Facebook, but what about my other posts? Some posts I heavily promote, while other posts I neglect. Here’s a partial roundup of posts by topic:


How to plan a birthday sleepover

Parent and Tween Guide to Orthodontia

Preteens and Braces

Help Your Tween Succeed on Standardized Tests

Explaining Death and Illness to Preteens

Help Your Husband Survive While You Are Out-of-Town

Book Review: Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right by Joanna Dolgoff, MD

Want to know about parenting preteens with a local vibe? Check out my posts here.

4 comments for “Cross Posting or The Other Places I Write about Preteens

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