Finding Deals in Baltimore

Recently I started looking for deals in Baltimore. I have always kept an eye out for DC deals. I am an equal opportunity visitor. I am as happy in DC as I am Baltimore.
As summer approaches, I am equal parts excited and apprehensive. Summer is all play for us with swim meets, volleyball camps, and summer workbooks thrown in for good measure. Love the play, but worry about the dead time. You know the time when we are all home doing nothing. I can always find something to do. My teen is never short of something to do. The tween could while the hours attached to an electronic device. So why the worry? Well, I have a 7-year-old who is frequently at a loose end. He is in desperate need of a friend to play with, but our neighbors are not his age. His sisters are often off doing their own thing. Which leaves him clamoring for TV or DS.
In order to keep my sanity this summer, I will be looking at deals. Living Social will help me out with deals for Baltimore businesses!
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