Could the Music in Hollister Be Any Louder?

My daughter can think of nothing better than shopping at the mall. At almost 13 she is the prime target audience for mall stores, such as Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Hollister, and American Eagle. As her mom I can think of nothing worse than shopping at the mall.

Here’s Crafty Daughter surrounded by her christmas loot…clothes from Hollister!

The music in the stores is too loud. The merchandise is too expensive…a sweatshirt for $70, a scarf for $30? The clothing displays are packed together, which makes the store even more claustrophobic. Insanity! When did I become such a fuddy duddy?

This weekend as I sat in a surprisingly comfy chair in Hollister straining to read a hip magazine article about Slip Knot in the poorly lit store, I pondered how much I have changed. At 13 I was like my daughter. I loved to take the train in to “town” to shop at the stores in Manchester, England. I still remember my first purchase at 13 — a sweatshirt with a iron-on transfer of Snoopy. I was so proud of that sweatshirt. The purchase symbolized my transition from little kid to teen. I remember carrying a small wallet from which I eagerly handed the five pound note to the cashier.

Of course back in the 1980s I was allowed to take the train by myself to meet a friend to shop. I won’t let my daughter walk around the confines of the indoor shopping mall by herself, let alone take a train. Sadly we live in dangerous times. As far as I can I want to give my daughter opportunities to spend money and make her own choices. It is a rite of passage. I just wish I did not have to sit in a store and be deafened by the music.

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