Can I Cancel Christmas?

I’m sitting here at the computer feeling overwhelmed. Here’s a rundown of what I have done — to make me feel that at least I have done something to prepare for the holiday:

– outdoor inflatables up outside

Hmmmm…is that it. I really think this is so. I have many projects to do before Christmas day or Christmas will not happen! Here’s what I have left to do:

– Finish decorating Christmas tree…now realize why people host “decorate the tree” parties.
– Put up outdoor lights and candy canes.
– Make a decision about whether or not to take Xmas photo and send cards…could I give this a miss? We usually send a photo postcard, bu the thought of addressing envelopes…cannot face it.
– Install Christmas village and the rest of indoor decorations.
– Dig out dining room–I use DR as an office. DR table is a craft/homework/junk table. Must clear off. Having 13 people here for Xmas Day.
– Regular housework and laundry…behind as usual, but what else is new.

So, I have much to do. Oh, I haven’t even mentioned shopping. I have an order to do, as well as wrapping. I think this may be the least organized that I have been since I had little kids.

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