Committing to NaBloPoMo…Sounds Like a Disease

Well, I am throwing down the gauntlet…I’m going to do NaBloPoMo for the month of November. Now please know that I am the most inconsistent blogger. I pretty much post twice a week. I have high hopes for posting daily then life sets in. Really, I would rather read other people’s blogs. See blogroll for all the folks I read…all much better writers than I am. I almost look at reading their blogs as following a soap opera…now to those bloggers on my blogroll, I am in no way implying that your life is a soap opera. I liken reading their bloggers as getting a glimpse in to their lives. Even though I have never met Minivanmom or The Pioneerwoman, I feel as though I know them. Weird, huh.

I’d like to become a blog much visited, until then I will be content to write everyday about my life for any and all to read.

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