College Days: Two Weeks In

2001 Julia Preschool Graduation

Two weeks. Fourteen days. That’s how long it is since I saw my daughter last. Dropping her off at college seems like months ago. It’s not that the house is quieter without her. She’s a very quiet person. But even her quiet, reserved presence is noticeably missing from the hub bub of the house.

I walk past her bedroom and don’t hear the click of her fingers on her laptop keys. I walk past the bathroom and don’t hear the shower going at 1 a.m. in the morning. I walk in to the kitchen at 11 p.m. and don’t hear her making a cup of tea. She’s a night owl like me. Her absence is noticeable.

Two weeks since we dropped her off for her freshman year at college. I can hardly believe that the 5-year-old in the photo is now an 18-year-old. Where has time gone?

Two weeks since we hauled her belongings from the minivan to her dorm room…across a parking lot…a long a winding path…up two flights of stairs. Phew. And of course it was a very hot day when we moved her in. I was a sweaty mess by the end of move in!

Two weeks since I helped her unpack her suitcases. Two weeks since she AGREED to accept my help in unpacking the suitcases. I did catch her moving the shirts and pants from one drawer to the next, but at least she let me help her. She’s an independent minded person…always has been.

It will be quite a bit longer than two weeks before I see her again. The good part is that she is not homesick at all. She’s busy. She’s ready for college. She’s excited, which in turn makes me more at ease with everything. But still it is hard not having her at home.

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