Keeping Your PC Safe with ChicaPC-Shield [Giveaway]

You know your computer is not doing well when all you can hear is a loud chug, chug when you boot up and an even louder woosh, woosh when you are doing anything on the computer. I, all but, abandoned our ancient desktop due to the ever louder and more annoying noises. On to the laptop I trotted. The laptop is a much quieter machine…barely clangy at all.

In the grand scheme of things, I can deal with a noisy computer and a teeny screen far better than a virus. I will never forget the time a virus attacked our home PC. It was in my pre-kids days. Even though I didn’t use the computer for absolutely every household and family task except cleaning the house, my computer was a much-needed device in our household. Once the computer was wracked and essentially wrecked by a virus, we were at a loss. We had no handy flash drives or external hard drives for backing up data. Essentially, we hadn’t backed up our harddrive nor had we installed a virus checker.

Basically one virus damaged 0r deleted every single thing on the harddrive. Gone. Just gone. The local big box computer/electronics repair department was unable to help us. We learned our lesson that day. Always back up files. And always run frequent virus scans.

I was recently asked to review ChicaPC-Shield from Chicalogic. I was game to try it. I wanted to see how it would do with my new desktop computer. While the computer is very new, I have downloaded a ton of toolbars, files, and other gadgets to make my new computer look like my old computer. I was anxious to find out what was lurking beneath the shiny exterior.

ChicaPC-Shield scans your PC to find and remove hidden viruses. In addition, it destroys and protects your PC from future malware attacks. Why protect against malware? If you are about to enter a site that is dangerous, ChicaPC-Shield will alert you. When shopping, online banking, and social networking, ChicaPC-Shield protects you against data hijackers.

The process for downloading ChicaPC-Shield was an easy one for me.

Once you have downloaded ChicaPC-Shield, do a scan. The first scan will take 10 to 15 minutes. For subsequent scans, you can choose the Basic Scan, Full Scan, or the Quick Scan. The full version of ChicaPC-Shield costs $24.95, and you can add a Backup CD to your order for $7.95. I found the whole process of downloading and scanning straightforward. And, the new computer is as clean-as-a-whistle even with all my downloads.

Want to find out about ChicaPC-Shield? I have FIVE free one-year subscription keys to ChicaPC-Shield — a $29.95 value! I will choose the first 5 readers who do two of the following AND leave one comment stating what they did. Use one comment for both entries. Here’s what you need to do to win:

1. Tweet this: I entered @MusingsfromMe’s #giveaway 4 @Chicalogic software 4 women by women 2 keep computers running smoothly. Enter>

2. Visit ChicaLogic Tips & Tricks. Share one article that you found interesting in the comments below.

3. Share a computer nightmare that Chicalogic could have helped prevent.

For more information on ChicaLogic:

I was given a free download of ChicaPC-Shield to facilitate my review. The giveaway is open to North American residents. Giveaway ends October 21, 2011. The views expressed in this post are mine. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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