Characters at Disney

I’m on a roll with posts…

On our first trip to Disney with our kids who were 3 and 5, my husband was thrilled to see the Robin Hood Fox at the entrance to Magic Kingdom. The fox was his favorite character…who knew??? We were there just after 9/11. Park was not crowded, plus it was October so crowds low. I discovered “Storytime with Belle” at Magic Kingdom. We arrived early. Our 5 yo was chosen to be Chip the cup alongside some other kids and BELLE! The 5 yo was thrilled.

On our last trip, also at a noncrowded time, we met so many characters. We had the Disney Dining Plan, which meant we had 4 character dinners…Winnie the Pooh and friends, Mickey and friends at Restaurant-o-saurus; Mickey and Friends at Chef Mickey; and the Little Einsteins/Jo Jo at Disney Studios. Because it was off peak the Disney Dining Plan was a steal.

I have a treasured autograph book from my childhopd visit to Disney. I have autograph an from the Big Bad Wolf. On this trip to Disney there were no park passes. It was 1974…Disney had just opened. My parents bought A, B, C, D tickets. You needed an A ticket for some rides and a B and C ticket for other rides. It was confusing. I recall climbing the Swiss Family Robinson’s Treehouse, going to Tom Sawyer’s Island, riding a RiverBoat, cruising through It’s a Small World, loving the Country Bear Jamboree, and of course, enjoying the Hall of Presidents.

Although when I took the kids to the HOP the last visit…even I have to admit that the Animatronics are a bit lame. The movements of the arms and faces is jerky. Needs a facelift.

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