Capitol Hill Volleyball Tournament — Washington D.C. Convention Center — and Dig Pink

My daughter is on a 13s volleyball team. Her team is called a travel team. She plays setter soemtimes and server other times. She is not tall, but she reads the ball well. I’m not sure exactly what that means…but, she is able to figure out where to be when the ball gets to her and where to send the ball. She love, love, loves being on a team. From the crazy socks to the team shirts to the siting on the sidelines playing her DS waiting for the next game begin.

This weekend she is playing here…

On another note, at the same place that she is playing there is a DigPinkTM Tour stop. Capitol Hill Classic is proud to announce its partnership with the Side-Out Foundation’s Dig PinkTM Tour. Join The DPTour and be part of an historic program to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer.

Dig PinkTM, the fund raising arm of the Side-Out Foundation, is partnering with five national volleyball tournaments to host The Dig PinkTM Tour, the largest program of its kind in sports, to challenge the spread of breast cancer. Capitol Hill Classic is one of the lucky events chosen to be a part of the Tour. The Dig PinkTM Tour is a way for everyone in club volleyball to make our sport stand out as a truly significant force in this most important fight. Teams that participate in The Dig PinkTM Tour will be raising funds to support cancer awareness programs and help sponsor innovative research into ways to battle breast cancer.

Each Dig PinkTM Team that raises $500 or more in pledges will receive a variety of pink accessories to wear for Dig PinkTM Day. During the entire tournament, but especially on Dig PinkTM Day, everyone – players, coaches, parents, staff – will be encouraged to wear as much pink as they can – to create a “Sea of Pink.” Hundreds of teams all wearing anything and everything pink!! Make sure your team is the pinkest of all! There will be a special Tour t shirt for sale at CHC, with the proceeds going to support the Side Out Foundation.

Dig PinkTM Teams also earn Dig PinkTM Dollars, according to the amount of money they raise, to spend on merchandise and/or equipment for their club team. You can finally get those pink volleyballs you have always wanted. More details on this program in the near future. All funds raised by The Dig PinkTM Tour go to the Side-Out Foundation. The Foundation was started by a volleyball coach as a way to inspire his Mom in her fight against breast cancer. Last year, through 700 high school and college Dig PinkTM Rally Against Breast Cancer matches, the Foundation raised over $350,000, all of which was donated to cancer research. The Dig PinkTM Tour is out to beat that mark!

Here’s your chance to compete with the other 4999 teams at the other Tour stops to be the Top Pink – the team that raises the most funds in the Tour. There will be special recognition for the Top Pink team. (If you go to more than one of the Tour events, you can combine your fund raising at each Tour event for the total amount. Or you can just out raise every other team in one fell swoop!)

If you and your team want to be a Dig PinkTM Tour Team, log on to to sign up. (About 50 teams have signed up already!)

For more information on the Foundation, visit their site at Read the inspiring story of the Foundation’s start. Visit the “It’s So Glo” blog. See how many teams have already signed up for the Tour. Add your team to the list!

Get started today. Text your team now and rally them for The Tour.

For more information –

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