Best Laid Plans — What Happens When You Have an Appointment and Your Kid Is Sick?

So, today was planned out months in advance. Volleyball tournament, dental appointments. The only teeny tiny problem is two children have strep. My son still seems under the weather — fever last night of 101.7. I cannot in good conscience take him to the dentist even though both kids have been on antibiotics for over 24 hours. So, I had to cancel their appointments. Not a big deal, except that there are no available evening dates until the end of March or later. In fact we made this appointment in the summer at our lastr visit. So, now I have to take all of them at lunch time. That will be a nightmare — driving to two schools, picking up three kids, driving to the dentist, driving three kids back to two schools. I need to call and find a first thing in the monring appointment.

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