The Big Event and the Let Down: DC Metro Moms Closes Its Virtual Doors

Life takes over sometime, doesn’t it? You have plans to write a post IMMEDIATELY after returning from an event. You have a window of opportunity but you are too tired. You log on to your computer, but hear the sounds of TV drifting in to your office. Before you know it you go to bed and the next day dawns and the post you had written in your head is gone.

So, here I sit two weekends after an event with so many mixed feelings. The event was amazing. I met so many new and old friends. I drafted a post in my head then pffftt the post disappeared. The post was replaced by a post on something that was important on Monday. Or, the spot in my brain where I stored the post was replaced by an idea about how to use hula hoops and a frisbee at the 1st grade picnic. Pffftt indeed!

The event in question was the Silicon Valley Moms Brand/Blogger event held in D.C. It was a ritzy event at the boutiquey Ritz Carlton Hotel in Pentagon city, VA, just outside D.C. The food and drinks were free flowing. The company was excellent. The brands in attendance were amazing. So, why the glum face?

The glum face and down-in-the-mouth attitude is because Silicon Valley Moms Blog will close its virtual doors July 1. I am still in shock. I started writing for the SV Moms Blog DC site — DC Metro Moms — back in May 2009. As a DC blogger, I wanted to be a part of this group of women writers. Although I was never paid to write for DCMM, I treated the job as a paying job. The experience I gained from the job helped me land more than a few other writing and social media gigs.

I have proudly called myself a DC Metro Mom.

I have two posts brewing for this month. Truthfully, I have many more than two posts brewing, but I only need to post two more before July 1. Some of my D.C. posts will appear on this blog. Others will show up at DC Ladies — an intergenerational site for women. You might find a couple over here with a Baltimore slant. My D.C. sightseeing posts will appear on the Oyster Locals blog. When I feel the need to post about occupying little kids in D.C. I will write over at Savvy Source DC.

I was invited to attend the Silicon Valley Moms Blog Brand/Blogger Symposium. I was given various items by the brands in attendance, which I will write about in another post.

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