Gift Guide: Boxtrolls Released on DVD and Bluray! #seizingfamilytime

Every so often I’m drawn to a movie. Can’t stop thinking about it. At first I can’t explain why. Why am I so obsessed with this movie? Why? I think about the movie. See the movie poster. Read a brief description of the movie. Hear someone talk about the movie. Soon I realize that the movie reminds me of something. A conversation I had with my parents. A distant trip to the zoo as a child. A Saturday morning TV show.

I heard about the Boxtrolls last year. The first time I saw the movie trailer I was hooked. What was it about this movie that intrigues me? It’s the characters. That’s it! This movie reminds me of my childhood in England. Reminds me of the Borrowers books I read for hours on end. Reminds me of those ever-so-slightly weird British kids’ shows with low-budget puppets. Reminds me of the weekly comic books my grandmother would buy me tht were anything but funny. The comics were wild with convoluted storylines about poor destitute orphans living on the streets of London…of kids locked in attics by mean guardians…of whole packs of kids living hardscrabble existences on the streets alone with no adult or teacher in sight. I loved those shows. Devoured comic books. Couldn’t wait to read the next book in the series.

The Boxtrolls reminds me of those times. Reminds me of a childhood spent reading. Watching TV on sick days off from school. Reminds me of home. I can’t wait to see Boxtrolls.

The Boxtrolls comes out on DVD and Bluray today! The Boxtrolls has been nominated for 13 Annie Awards. Buy it now on:

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