Bnter-ing with Friends

Do you ever tweet something funny or crazy or ridiculous and think “I wish I could keep a record”? I know I do. In fact I’m a much more consistent tweeter than blogger. Why is this?

I think primarily the reason I blog less than I tweet or Facebook is the pressure to blog. First, I have to title my blog post with a clever or funny or SEO-friendly title. Not easy. Writing a title that sums up your post is tricky at worst and downright satisfying at best. Next, comes the writing. Oy on the writer’s block. Eeek on the repetitive or mundane language. Oh no on the technicalities. Even after I have created a title and written the post I can get caught up in adding links and photos. The whole process of blogging can be tedious and time consuming. Writing a tweet is a breeze compared to writing a post.

Even if I have a story to share about a funny anecdote or odd set of circumstances that happened in our family once I set about writing a blogpost I can get bogged down. Before you know it the anecdote doesn’t seem that funny AND my post languishes in the draft status forever. Enter

On I was able to record funny things my children said.,,and I said a few one-liners that needed to be recorded. I also added a couple of conversations I had with myself. Funnily enough I’m quite chatty with myself. Who knew?

Over the years I have accumulated a variety of methods for recording funny phrases the children have said…wall calendars, online calendars, baby books, mom journals, scraps of paper, and envelopes. While I have good intentions to record the information, I have not scrapbooked in a few years. On I can record the phrases and funny jokes that my children say until I am ready to scrapbook or add the quotes to a video. Just posted a funny quote from my son about the GPS.

I have a task for you. Think back on the weekend. What did your kids say that was really funny, or sad, or just odd? If your child is a toddler the phrases are well worth recording. But, don’t forget about the kids, tweens, and teens. When you recall what your child said, head over to and enter the quote. My teen is largely quiet but from time to time will come out with a phrase or a mangling of a word that is hilarious.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Bnter Campaign and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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