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Pssst! I’ll let you in on a secret. I experience no writer’s block when writing comments on other blogs, or leaving a comment on Facebook, or responding on twitter. But, if I sit and stare at the “Add New Post” on this WordPress blog I end up running through and rejecting topics to write about. I will go through the list deciding this one is dull, this one is obvious, no one would want to read this one, and on, and on, and on. But, when I comment I am never short of an idea or an anecdote or something funny to say or an encouraging word in response to the blog entry. So, WordPress webmasters, why not change “Add a New Post” to “Leave a Comment”?? End Writer’s Block Now!!

So in keeping with the above paragraph, here is a comment I left for ScaryMommy on her Facebook page. She posed the question what blogs do you read that are up-and-coming, our own included. Here’s the comment I left.

You want mine…well, O.K.: Some days I am all reviews and giveaways. Other days I write about raising a 7 yo, and 11 yo, and a 14 yo while dealing with the rigors of 2 kids on a travel volleyball team, 1 on competitive swim team, 3 on a summer swim team, 1 on a karate team, 1 on a spring lacrosse team…not to mention homework, school actviities, and finding time to spend with my husband, Coach Dad. Phew…I am exhausted just writing it all down! You should see our family calendar, too.

Enough about me…some up and comers…Holly at writes about her frantic life as a wife, a mom, a WAHM, a student, and a blogger. She’s local to me so I have had the pleasure of meeting her, too.

Another new blogger also local to me blogs at Sunday Stillwell was quoted in that infamous NYTTimes article. Sunday writes about her trials and tribulations and triumphs raising two boys with differing degrees of autism. I have also met her in person at a MD MomzShare event — she’s lovely.

So, readers which mom blogs do you read — up-and-comers only, rather than blogs of longer standing. Leave a comment, so that I can check them out.

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