Blogging for a Living?

Two years I started writing a blog. It was part of my grade for a graphic design and writing class. On the blog I commented on design elements that intrigued or repulsed me. Yes, repulsed. I have strong feelings when it comes to design. I may not be able to recreate the design using a design program, but I know why a design works or doesn’t.

The graphic design and writing class taught me two very important lessons:

  1. I don’t want to be a designer. I never felt comfortable with the programs I was required to use. I made great strides in the class, but knew that graphic design was not my chosen field.
  2. I discovered a love for writing. Who knew? After 35 years of writing letters, memos, and work documents, I finally found my writer’s voice. It was freeing. I was invigorated. The feedback I received from the graphic design professor was minimal and unhelpful, while the feedback from the writing professor was golden.

The class ended in May. After many months of focusing on the assignments for the graphic design and writing class, I fell head first in to the end-of-the-school year activities for all three children. My son “graduated” from preschool, while my daughters finished 6th and 4th grades. School is busiest in May and June. I let my blog lie dormant for months.

The new school year was a milestone for me. For 12 years, I had dreamed of the day when all 3 kids would be in full-day school. I said goodbye to a patchwork quilt of preschool pickups and dropoffs, classes, storytimes at the library, spotty babysitting, and carting an unwilling 4-year-old to Jiffy Lube, Costco, and the DMV. I said hello to peace and quiet from 8:30 until 3 p.m.

Blogging is now what I do. Is it a job? Well, it would depend on your definition of job. My job of blogging, writing, and product reviewing fully engages my attention. While it may not be very well paid, my job is the most fulfilling job I have ever had.

Lolli wrote about her takeaway from blogging here. She listed a Top 10 list of What Blogging Has taught her in response to Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop.

My Top 10 List would have to include:

  1. It is possible to discover you have a calling even if you come to it late in the game. Writing is what I love.
  2. Blogging about my kids is difficult as I have no stories of pee, puke, and poo to fall back on.
  3. Blogging about tweens and teens is a minefield of what I cannot mention…their names (of course), friend’s names, schools, sports teams, grades, and anything else that might be embarrassing to them. Read: EVERYTHING is embarrassing to them!
  4. A supportive husband is hard to find. Who knew that my “you really should go back to work at least part time once the youngest starts school” husband would become my “let’s see where the blogging, freelancing, and consulting takes you” husband. Go Coach Dad!
  5. While I can’t blog about the specifics of the lives of my kid, preteen, and teen, I can find more that enough fodder from the logistics of our daily trials and tribulations of managing our crazy schedule of activities. Have minivan? Will travel.
  6. The effort required to get two sleepy headed girls and one bouncing of the walls boy as well as one resigned to getting ready for what the day has to bring husband out door makes me want to go back to bed, but I don’t…usually.
  7. I have not cracked the HTML code…it’s on my list of things I should really learn.
  8. Twitter is amazing. I found Mariana and her mad design skills. Thanks to Mariana I have a domain name and a header. I would still be hanging out over at Blogger!
  9. While I am not a Top 10 blog, I have found a niche in hosting giveaways. I have a loyal following of people who enter my giveaways. Now if I could draw readers to my posts that are not giveaways, I would be set.
  10. Speaking of giveaways, I enjoy working with brands. By reviewing products/hosting giveaways, I can combine my two loves: writing and finding out about new products.

Are you a brand or do you represent a brand? I would love to work with you. I can be reached at JillAnneBerry @ msn . com

What’s on your Top 10 list of what blogging has taught you! Leave a comment or a post on your blog with a link here in the comments. I’ll stop by and read it!

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