Best of Both Worlds: Housing Development in Rural Area

Our neighborhood Halloween Parade group — mine is the Darth Vader in the front row.

I live in a housing development in a semirural area. Best of both worlds scenario. Neighbors close by yet bordered on three sides by protected land and one side by a working farm. I can see horses and cows from my backyard. But, the road at the edge of the development is a regularly plowed snow emergency route.

Here’s the thing though, we built our house on 3 acres back when land was not so expensive. This is another plus since we can see our neighbors’ houses, but only really interact if there is a reason. I have never been the type of mom with the open door, any kid can come in my house at any time policy — nope I tell my kids that they must invite friends over to play. For me I like to be able to walk around in pajamas and not have to worry about kids running in and neighbors knocking at the door.

Sometimes I think our neighborhood lacks camraderie. But, I see about 10 neighbor moms at school events. I couple of years ago I walked with a few moms after the school bus picked the kids up. I attend on an irregular basis the Bunco group. Two neighbor are in my Book Club. We still have a neighbor or two who organize the Halloween Parade and Easter Egg Hunt.

We look out for each other. I would feel uncomfortable selling Girl Scout Cookies or pizzas to every single house in the neighborhood, but I do know about 15 neighbors well enough to go door-to-door. And really, let me sing Hallelujah that neither child is in Girl Scouts this year…no wretched cookies to bag, label, and tote around to neighbors.

So, yes I live in the best of both worlds…one foot in the country and one foot in a traditional suburban community.

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