Ballas Hough Band featuring a song by American Idol Judge Kara DioGuardi

I’ve been listening to a new CD while I work on the computer. This is unusual for me since I work in silence except for the dishwasher, phone ringing, kids screaming… But I digress… I was asked to review the BHB CD for the Ballas Hough Band.

Simply put, I love this CD. Now I am not a person who listens to a CD from start to finish over and over again. I’m more the type of person who fixates on certain songs. My children will tell you that currently I listen to this song over and over again in the car. Here’s the YouTube link since I cannot embed the video:

…I know how embarassing. I’m 43 not 83…but there is something about the song that I like.

But, back to the Ballas Hough Band… Why do I like this band? Is it because they sound like a boy band? Is it that the songs are memorable? Yes on both counts. Just know that I am listening to this CD over and over again. Very unusual.

Derek Hough and Mark Ballas were both the professional dance partner in the winning team for Dancing with the Stars. Mark won Season 6 with Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi. Derek was the winner in Season 7 with Brooke Burke. After the completion of Dancing with the Stars, Hough and Ballas rented out space in Hollywood’s SIR studios. The band drew on influences as far-reaching as Prince, Queen, and Nirvana. Most songs on the CD are originals penned by Ballas Hough et al. Songs like “Fall” and “Devastated” recount life events that left a trail of broken hearts.

American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi co-wrote the first single from the BHB CD “Do It for You.” I love this song. I’m tapping both feet as I type. Good stuff.

The CD is available now in stores and on Ballas Hough Band
For more information on the band go to: The CD was provided to me for review by the

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