Are You Jumping on the iPhone 5 Bandwagon?

I’ve only used Android phones, although my first smartphone was actually a Palm Pre Plus. Though I only know Android phones — I use an HTC Thunderbolt — my teens only use iPhones. Will only use iPhones. Hardly acknowledge other phones.

Both are quite militant in their love of the iPhone. Both persuaded their grandmother that they needed iPhones for their upcoming birthday. Both were overjoyed to get iPhone 4S phones — one in January 2012, and one last month. Thank you, grandparents!

Although my younger teen almost didn’t get the iPhone 4S. It all started the Verizon store this past August.

As my teen and husband prepared to make the purchase of the coveted and much thought about iPhone 4S, they had a funny experience with a Verizon employee. My teen told the Verizon employee what phone she wanted. He asked her if she has heard of the iPhone 5. She said Yes. He told her when the phone would be released. He asked her if she really wanted the iPhone 4S when the iPhone 5 was coming out soon. She was adamant that she wanted an iPhone 4S. No question. No indecision. The Verizon guy and my husband lobbied hard for her to wait and get the iPhone 5. She said No. Even I said No as I wanted her to have a phone for the start of the school year and didn’t want her to wait.

The Verizon guy did everything he could to persuade us and her to wait for the iPhone 5 release even going so far as to look for a replacement battery for her Samsung Alias phone. The poor Alias was on its last legs with practically no charge at all. I got to hand it to the guy…he really wanted my teen to get the best deal on her first smartphone. But my teen was adamant to. She wanted the smartphone that she had dreamed of. She wanted the 4S and the 4S was the phone she was getting. My husband and the Verizon guy were clearly distressed and discombobulated. But you know what you can’t change the mind of a teen on a mission…a mission to get her mitts on an iPhone. Any iPhone.

Yesterday Facebook and Twitter were abuzz with the release of the iPhone 5.

  • Slim design.
  • Larger display.
  • Faster chip.
  • Ultrafast wireless.
  • New headphones.
  • Same width as the iPhone4S, but almost 9 millimeters taller.
  • 8 hours LTE browsing time battery.
  • 8 hours talk time battery.
  • 10 hours video playback time battery.

And before I go, here’s a few new posts on my blog…Bully movie screening in Columbia, MD…easy school lunch ideas…our family’s love of Wii and a sneak peek of WiiU…a Back to School post on keeping track of your kids’ stuff with Mabel’s Labels…and finally a giveaway for young baseball fans — a Junior Orioles Dugout Club Prizepack (ends very soon).

Oh, before I forget, I’m giving away a terrific game from Melissa & Doug — Suspend is perfect for family game night.

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