All in a Mom’s Day

Hi, this is Jill. I’m away from my desk right now. At the tone leave a message. Beep!

I left my house at 10:45, came home briefly at 3:30, left again at 3:50, came home at 4:50, left again at 5:45, and came home finally at 8 p.m. I’m exhausted and really all I did was drive my car from dr. appointments to clarinet lesson to orientation. So, sitting behind the wheel is making me this exhausted? I need to (1) get out more and (2) exercise more so that I have more stamina to sit behind the wheel of a car for hours.

In other news, my random observations from the many times during the day I thought “this would make a good blog post.” But since I am only connected at home — when I am on the road I must blog about any funny or sad moments in my head. Once I get home I have to hope that I remember anything at all. Because sometimes my brain sounds like…crickets chirping…hello, is there anything in there?

Random things I thought about blogging about today…

Crafty Daughter made the bus in a record 15 minutes — which included dressing, eating breakfast, and racing to the bus. Yay, CG!

Sporty Daughter looked especially cute in her new glasses. She admitted that she likes them — I am sure the pouting in LensCrafters over not getting the frames she wanted was just an aberration of mine.

Driving for first time to new doctor appointment — realized that my directions were written out of order. Dear Me, This is not helpful. Sincerely, Me

Racing off highway to see two police cars with flashing lights next to a car can make you stop speeding in a hurry. Not that I would know anything about that at all.

Arriving at school with the prospect of reading The Hour I First Believed: A Novel by Wally Lamb for a precious 30 minutes when I spot the 5th graders at walking on Walking Wednesday. So, I stow my book and head over to help chaperone. Would have loved to read the book, but wanted to walk with my daughter who…

It turns out was not at all appreciative of seeing me on the blacktop. Gee, thanks kid! She agreed to walk one lap with me — very fast — which is odd since in any other walking situation she lags behind me and I have to drag her to get her to pick up the pace. We’ll see what happens next week.

Sitting in a parking lot a block or two from a high school is a little glimpse in to regular teens to-ing and fro-ing from the high school. Sure, one was smoking but all in all the kids were orderly, minding their own business.

Sitting in the same parking lot and looking at a Taco Bell/KFC is very tempting, especially the new KFC grilled chicken which would have made a great dinner with a couple of sides. I talked myself out of it as we seem to be doing fast foods and eating out more so than usual.

Cooking dinner amid comments about smoke detectors and “Mommy, you didn’t burn dinner” is not exactly heartwarming to the cook who hates cooking anyway. I’m just saying.

Sending husband and 3 kids off to volleyball is an exercise in how many times can all members of the family come back in the house one more time for one more thing.

Orientation at the middle school that Sporty Daughter will attend was a trip down memory lane as I reintroduced myself to Crafty Daughter’s teachers. Also, funny to hear the same presentation, but actually have questions for the teachers since I get how the middle school runs now that I have gone through it once.

Having a conversation with a friend in a crowded cafeteria is not possible and ever so slightly rude to other people. I’ll do better next time…hangs head…

Getting home to quiet house was awesome. Looking at pile of dishes less awesome. Contemplating scaling Mt. laundry even less awesome. Knowing I must tackle toilets and showers tomorrow — downright depressing.

Until tomorrow…

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