A Stitch in Time

I sewed a button on my husband shirt last night. It was a long involved process. First, I had to find the sewing kit. The shirt was easy to find as my husband has reminded me every morning for the last week that he is down to his last “three shirts…two shirts…one shirt.” Once I found the kit, I had to thread a needle in our dimly bedroom,. I felt as though I was 80. I even resorted to that silver threading device that comes in hotel sewing kits. You know what? It was useless. With the needle threaded — finally — I sewed on the button. I tugged at the button only to realize that the button was broken. Grr. I found a button that was white and only slightly too large. It had to do. I was on a roll so I sewed a button on a pair of pants.

I think it would have been less time consuming to take it to the dry cleaners or buy a new shirt!

Do you fix clothes?

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