A Reliable Mr. Linky

A Mr. Linky who won't let you down.

A Mr. Linky who won't let you down.

Saturday I wrote that my son and I saw Milkshake the Band in concert. A truly great show for kids. Good music, glorious weather, and a super enthusiastic band of musicians.

As the concert closed up, my son and I milled around to get a few autographs. He got autographs from everyone, but most especially from Tom the drummer. Tom took time to talk to my son about drumming. My son got a drum kit as a gift and enjoys bashing it…we enjoy hearing him bash the drum kit for brief, but not extended periods of time.

Our first mission after the concert was underway was “Operation Balloon.” Kids of all shapes and sizes had balloons — and no surprise my son wanted a balloon. I was a little nervous about whether he would hold on to the balloon. I have done the sobbing and anguish over letting go off a balloon. It is so not fun. Anyway we headed over and joined the balloon line.

Nearby I saw a bank — PNC Bank. After the concert as we prepared to leave, I spotted a orange character with blue spiky hair. I can tell you that this mom has not met a costumed character hat she did not want to say “Hi” to. A glimpse at his shirt showed that we were about to meet the fabulous…”Mr. Linky.” And I’ve never heard of him either, but who can resist blue spiky hair.

He was just what we need…a Mr. Linky who won’t break down all the live long day!

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