A New Breakfast Staple

I’m not a short order cook…especially not at breakfast time. My husband is a breakfast lover. I prefer to go out for brunch.

As a way to feed my family a healthy breakfast, I rely on several staples: bagels and cream cheese, pancakes, and waffles. Waffles are huge hit with everyone in the family. Waffles topped with fruit are a sure bet.

I serve fruit with breakfast, but sometimes one kid won’t eat the fruit or one kids wanted another kind of fruit. Frustrating, but cooking for kids is not easy. I wish I had 3 kids who ate everything on their plates. Alas, no.

We tried a new type of breakfast meal the other day.
Eggo came up with an ingenious and innovative breakfast item, Eggo Real Fruit Pizza. Combining fruit with warm toasted granola and berry flavored cream cheese, Eggo can help streamline your morning with this convenient, tasty breakfast offering.

Our verdict on the Eggo Real Fruit Pizza:

Mom — Loved the fruit on top of the pizza. The berries were actual berries not smushed, unidentifiable objects. Delish.

Dad — Loved the pizza. Is not and never will be a fan of granola. He would prefer the pizza minus the granola topping.

Kid — Loved the whole thing.

Tween — Nibbled around the edges. Ate a bit, but wasn’t in to it…if you know what I mean.

Teen — Didn’t try it.

So, the Musings from Me family would give the Eggo Real Fruit Pizza a thumbs up. We have some reservations about the granola. We loved the sweetness of the fruit, the crustiness of the pizza, and size.

The size worked for us. I heated two pizzas in the oven (pizzas can be microwaved) for an after breakfast snack. We each had about 2 pieces.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Eggo Real Fruit Pizza and received a sample of the product and a $20 Amazon gift certificate to facilitate my review.

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