Yanni Voices as Reviewed by a 40-Something Mom

I must admit that when I first heard of Yanni as a 20-something I knew that he was married to Linda Evans from Dynasty and was a kind of easy listening musakian. My 20-something persona was all in to 80s and English New Wave and Duran Duran and Wham and Eurhythmics and well Yanni was not on my playlist.

Sometime in my 30s, my 30-something ears started listening to George Winston and Narada and the Windham Hill piano pieces. I love George Winston December. My 30-something ears then moved in to the realm of baby lullabies and The Wiggles and Milkshake and there was really no room for anything else. Because really once you hear “Fruit Salad, Yummy, Yummy” is there anything else you need to listen to??

Which brings me to the 40-something me. I feel a little left out in my family as two kids and Coach Dad have ipods. My girls and their dad compare playlists. Even my 5-year-old has a kid-sized ipod. Yet I am the lone holdout and stil listen to — shhhhhCDs on a — CD player with a tape deck! I know, how much more unhip can I get.

I came across this website https://www.yanni.com/Voices/ for the new Yanni’s Voices collaboration and I must admit that I have Leslie Mills’ “Before the Night Ends” in my head. It’s a lovely song with lyrics that actually mean something. She reminds me of someone — I can’t quite place why I think her voice sounds familiar — with a strong and resounding voice. Yes, that’s it — she sounds like Patti Lupone from Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Sunset Boulevard.

The next artist is Nathan Pacheco, a young opera singer. Now I’m not much of an opera buff. I get that the songs are emotional, but opera still makes me giggle when I think of the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts responds to the elderly woman that the song she had just heard “made her almost wet her pants” and Richard Gere quickly covers for her by saying that she said “it reminded her of the Pirates of Penzance!” So, I’m not much of an opera buff obviously. I could listen to this guy though. Even though I don’t understand all the words the emotions are clear and heartfelt.

Ender Thomas is the next one up with a peppy, salsa-infused “Desire.” Not my favorite type of music, but he is easy on the eyes. God, who am I some 40-something woman lusting after some hot young guy? Well, maybe…

Chloe’s “Kill Me With Your Love”…a song for Valentine’s Day? Well, perhaps if you are a realist like me. I’m not in to sappy, Carpenters-like mushy love songs. “My Funny Valentine” blecchh, hang on a moment while I gag. I could listen to an album by Chloe no problem. I would not get much done though if I listened to her — I should note that I listen to music at home as I clean or do laundry. Her music would lead my family to have nothing to wear and an even dirtier house.

So, if you want to find out more about Yanni’s Voices there is a March 2 PBS special with the CD release on March 24. Here are some details:

Yanni Voices Website: https://www.yanni.com/voices/ Click here to hear the songs. Leave a comment if you like one of the songs and why. No prize — I would just like to know which one you like and if it is the same one that I chose.

Video: https://www.yanni.com/Events/
PBS Special Air Dates: https://www.yanni.com/Events/pb?s_schedule?.aspx
Tour Info — Tour Begins April 10: https://yanni.com/Tour.aspx
One2One Network: https://www.one2onenetwork.com/index.cfm

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