Catholic Mom — Go, Ahead Pile on the Guilt!

No WordLESS or WordFUL Wednesdays today. I have two children home sick — one with strep and one with swollen glands. Both tested negative for flu, but I have them both on Amxycillin. My son is very lethargic. My daughter was off school yesterday with a fever, and would have gone to school today, but I had a feeling that I would send her and then she would spike a fever in the afternoon. Must check both their temps before they rest this afternoon.

I always feel guilty when thinking of my children and religion. As a Catholic mom to three Catholic children, everything falls on my shoulders. I’m O.K. with religious education–signing them up for classes, taking them to classes, and helping them with their homework, but I am not up for theological discussions — even with my 5 year old. I’m not sure if it is a lack of confidence or not wanting to give them the wrong answer, but I feel uncomfortable answering questions. I do answer, but not from a position of authority.

My dad was the same way — he would take us to Mass, made sure we went to Catholic school, but was not very willing to answer questions. We have a running joke, that out of the blue I will ask him the holiday we [Catholics] celebrate on December 8th. He will stutter and stammer and give up. Now I do KNOW this holiday — it’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. My dad and I have been teasing each other with this joke since I was in middle school and had to attend Mass on or around December 8th.

My husband is Baptist. He doesn’t attend services. I do wish that he would talk to the children more about being a Baptist. I do encourage him to talk to the children about his religion and views of religion. In the past I have asked him if we could go to a Baptist service. He tells me that you cannot walk in to a Baptist service without people noticing. I cannot get used to that since I could attend my church for months without anyone noticing me since the congregation is so large.

He is great at reading Bible stories–for that I give him much credit. We purchased a Bible stories for children book years ago. Around each holiday he will read a story appropriate to that season/holiday.

Struggling with the whole blogging-writing-networking. It has been 3 months. Shouldn’t I be further along by now. Am I doing what I need to do to get my name out there? Do i even know what that means? What is it that drives people to read a certain blog in droves? I certainly find myself returning to blogs that have a subject matter that I enjoy reading about or a blogger’s writing style. I need to be patient…really, not my strong suit.

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