Scaling Mt. Laundry

Is it O.K. to blog about cleaning tips while there are dishes piled in my sink, dirty laundry strewn about my children’s bedrooms, and several pairs of mismatched shoes under the didning room table? No? Well, I’m doing it anyway. So there!

So my house has cleaning issues–big time. A person should not have to tell her husband “Be careful climbing Mt. Laundry” when he goes to the laundry room to get a pair of shorts. It’s just not right.

But, I do have areas in my house where I am a cleaning genius. I clean therefore I am. Um, that statement is so not accurate. What is accurate is that I have several areas in my cleaning regimem that work.
  • I have rounded up all markers, pens, rulers, and other school supplies in to a multidrawer unit. The unit sits in our dining room/office/kidscomputer room. When anyone needs a glue stick or the stapler, they know to look in the multidrawer unit.
  • I have all the computer manuals underneath the computer desk.
  • All grade appropriate workbooks are on a shelf in the diningroom/office as well.
  • All cleaning supplies live in the basement — I DO clean sometimes, just not as often as I should.
  • All mops, brooms, Swiffer are housed in the garage.
  • Sodas, extra OJ, and juice bags are stowed in grarage fridge. Ice cream tubs are stowen in garager freezer.

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