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So, it’s Mother’s Day.
As I lay scrunched up under the covers, I could feel the soft blanket up by my neck. Nothing was exposed except my head. The fan whirred overhead. Not too cold, not too loud. Just enough air to cool the room, but not enough to make me shiver. (Note: I grew up in a home that was chilled to the point where in summer you might have to go outside to get warm. Yes, it was that cold.)

Scrunched under the covers, warm and toasty – could it get any better? The “it” being the elusive me-time. Oh, I’m well aware that I get more me-time than moms who are in the throes of the infant, baby, toddler sleep strikes. I’ve been there and done that. I categorically do not need the t-shirt. But with three children in two different schools, two playing on travel volleyball teams, two on year round swim teams, clarinet lessons, religious classes for all three, not to mention doctor’s appointments, orthodontists visits, and other activities that crop up from week to week, I’m in a constant fog of activities. On a daily basis I scratch my head to figure out how to get two children to two different places and then get a third somewhere entirely different. I need a bit of me-time…sue me!

I felt a veil of sleep lifting off me for a brief minute as I had thought my Sunday morning question. I have this thought every single Sunday. Do I have enough time to get everyone up and dressed for Sunday Mass? This morning the blanket of sleep fog was too strong and the warmness of the sheets too overpowering. Let the guilt come…I am not getting out of this bed for any amount of guilt.

A knock was what I heard next. A knock and the rustle of the door opening. In bounded in one husband holding a breakfast tray. One teenager wearing her signature bathrobe. One hyper 6-year-old dancing from foot to foot holding the Mother’s Day gift that I opened on Friday – he insisted I open it…would not hear my objections over holding of opening it til Sunday. One 10-year-old excitedly presenting her card. Now this interruption to me-time…er…sleep time was very welcome. I wish my mornings were all like this.

Ingredients for a Mother’s Day Breakfast

1 bowl of Banana Nut Cheerios with milk
1 vanilla Yoplait yogurt
1 cup of flavored coffee
1 apple – I didn’t eat the apple at breakfast since I became engrossed in my book. The boy decided to relieve me of my apple later in the morning. It was cute watching him chow down on the apple handpicked for me; possibly dropped a few times on the kitchen floor so a little bruised and banged up.

A good Mother’s Day morning, indeed.

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