In Praise of Mom: Dr. Laura

I must admit that when I entered the giveaway for tickets to see Dr. Laura’s “In Praise of the Stay-at-Home Mom” I wasn’t sure what to expect. Thanks to Momfluence for the enlightening evening!

I have listened to Dr. Laura’s radio show several times. She has been a guest on Larry King Live and I think a presenter. But, I did not know her all that well. I’d never read any books or seen her speak anywhere other than on a talk show. I also did not realize she was married and had a child. Her show “In Praise of the Stay-at-Home Mom” was an uplifting treat for this harried mom of a kid, a preteen, and a teen.

Her show “In Praise of the Stay-at-Home Mom” was excellent. I brought a friend along for the show (Hi, Gigi!). The show was broadcast out of a theater in California and shown in various theaters nationwide.

Here’s what I learned about Dr. Laura:

  • She married, but never intended to have children.
  • She was a clinical research psychologist working on a cure for diabetes with lab rats.
  • While watching a PBS special about human reproduction she suddenly realized what was missing from her life. A baby.
  • She had to have her tubes surgically “untied.”
  • She underwent fertility treatments since she was in her late 30s. Guess who her fertility doctor was? How about the Octumom doctor? Weird!
  • Learning about her labor and delivery story would be worth buying the book. I had many me too moments.
  • She did know go in to great detail about her son perhaps due to privacy reasons or because her focus is on moms. I respect her decision.
  • Her son is now in his late 20s. He’s serving in Afghanistan.
  • As the show wound to a close, Dr. Laura’s son came on the phone wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day. So sweet.

She answered audience members questions towards the end of the show:

  • She read a question from a viewer who wondered if she was planning to write a book about raising teens. She quipped that the book would have one page “Survive It!” As moms of teens, my friend and I both loved this!
  • She read another question from a listener who wondered how much say a grandparent should have in raising a child if they provide afterschool day care. She said that someone who provides that many hours of care is a surrogate parent, not a babysitter. A babysitter is someone who watches your children while they sleep. I LOVED this because I am now in Year 13 of not using daycare. I consider it my badge of honor to have survived as a mom without it. It was enriching to hear my decision endorsed by Dr. Laura.
  • You can purchase her book In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms from Enjoy!

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