i-Turtle: Momfluence Summer Gift Guide

For ages 8 and up. $19.99

For ages 8 and up. $19.99

i-Dog. i-Fish. i-Cy. i-Turtle.

After the success of the dog, fish, and penguin, Hasbro has unveiled the i-Turtle. The i-Turtle is a stand-alone musical toy, which can also be used with an i-pod. i-Turtle would be a great gift for the child, preteen, or teen in your life.

My teen squealed when she saw the i-Turtle. She raced to her bedroom to try it out as soon as I took it out of the box. I heard the i-Turtle as I walked up and down our upstairs hallway doing chores.

Here’s what she reported to me:

  • The i-Turtle plays music if you touch its shell.
  • When the shell is touched, bright lights come on and the shell moves up and down. The head also moves up and down.
  • During songs the i-Turtle’s foot taps. This was a super cute feature for my teen.
  • The i-Turtle comes with a short cord. You can attach an i-pod to use the i-Turtle as a speaker for the i-pod. A great way to share your music with friends in your bedroom, backyard, or at the beach!
  • When the i-Turtle is around music, the shell will light up, the head bob up and down, and the foot tap. Personally, I think this would be a cool way to show cause and effect with a young child…music on and the i-Turtle lights up, but if the music is off the i-Turtle is asleep.

She did have one complaint…there is no on/off switch on the i-Turtle. The music and movement does turn off after a very short time.

The i-Turtle is available in white. It retails for $19.99. i-Turtle is designed for 8 and up. It comes with 3 “AAA” batteries and a cord to connect it to an i-pod. I love when batteries are include with a toy! For more information: i-Turtle

This post is part of the Momfluence Summer Gift Guide.

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